Michael L. Galloway
President and Chief Executive Officer / Founder

Michael Galloway's success story begins with the 15 years he devoted to the motion picture industry, becoming the youngest person ever to manage a major motion picture sound studio. Always involved in the digital technology arena, Galloway had the good fortune to work with innovative people such as Mr. Dolby from Dolby Sound, and George Lucas of "Star Wars" fame. Galloway's dynamic nature and visionary thinking coupled with his expertise in the digital technology industry led to his designing the infrastructure for Catholic Online, one of the largest user networks in the world and a current client of webBASIS, the Internet technology company that Mr. Galloway formed in 1996. He is an entrepreneur with years of experience developing impressive business concepts, growing them into small start-up companies and taking them public.

David Grow
Chief Financial Officer

David Grow brings more than 17 years of financial and senior management experience to webBASIS. He most recently was executive vice president, chief operations officer and chief financial officer of Daw Technologies, Inc., a leading provider of clean-room technology for the semiconductor industry. At Daw, he managed a start-up subsidiary that after two years was contributing $17 million in revenues. Grow previously held senior positions with Novell, Inc., WordPerfect Corp. and Price Waterhouse. He holds a bachelors degree in accounting from the University of Utah, is a licensed CPA and serves on the Board of Directors of WordCruncher Internet Technologies, Inc., an Internet-based provider of information for business professionals.

Justin Cragin
Chief Technology Officer (CTO)

Justin Cragin, a recognized computer industry expert has more than 10 years experience in networking, telecommunications, Internet and distributed client/server computing. Justin Cragin has an extensive background in software development and many years in the software design and consulting arena. As CTO for webBASIS, Inc., he has been responsible for the development of Web based software applications that have enabled the next generation of e-business solutions.

Bill Scanlan
EVP / Business Development / Founder

Bill Scanlan has an extensive marketing background and more than 20 years of computer experience working in the engineering and oil industries. His technology background includes the development and design of computerized petroleum production and control systems. Scanlan's experience includes working with Schlumberger, the world leader in the petroleum development industry. While at Schlumberger, Scanlan organized the field test coordination of product lines as well as Beta test coordination of marketing launches and new sites. He has a bachelor's degree in civil engineering from the University of Kansas.

Sandy Galloway
EVP / Business Development / Founder

Sandra Galloway has many years in nationwide retail business management. She has served in Senior management positions with webBASIS since its inception. As Executive VP of Data Center Development Sandra has spearheaded the design and construction of webBASIS' current family of Internet Data Centers located in Bakersfield, San Diego and Sacramento. The construction processes she has helped establish have received worldwide recognition and now serve as the benchmark industry-wide for data center development.

Lynn Reid Brennan, JD
EVP / Technology Operations

Lynn Reid Brennan joined webBASIS in September 1999 and is responsible for technology operations and all in-house legal issues. She has extensive experience in management, team development, process analysis and rapid product/service/facility implementation. Brennan joined webBASIS after spending 15 years in the healthcare industry where she most recently was a lead negotiator on multi-million dollar provider contracts for Kern Radiology, a prominent radiology practice. After earning her Juris Doctorate from California Pacific School of Law in 1995, she became business manager at Kern where she established new compliance and IT departments and opened four new clinic sites in six months. Brennan also holds technical licenses in Radiologic Technology, Diagnostic Ultrasound, and Nuclear Medicine Technology.

Billy Thomas
SVP of Programming Services

Billy Thomas, Vice President of Programming Services, has helped lead the development of the Web-based applications that have propelled webBASIS to the forefront of delivering Internet services. Prior to his position as VP of Programming Services he served as Operations Manager for webBASIS' software development group. Thomas has twelve years in the Internet industry with six of those in the media technologies industry. His Internet experience includes serving as an Internet consultant for stock firms to ensure their Web presence. Thomas has been with webBASIS, Inc. for three years.

Paul Lauer
SVP Sales Worldwide

Paul Lauer has pioneered cutting-edge media and communications projects worldwide for the last 15 years in the areas of magazines, books, television, film, events and the Internet. Mr. Lauer is the founder of three media companies: Veritas Communications, a multi-media company which publishes YOU! Magazine; Eternal City, an IMAX-format film company; and Publishing Services, a publishing arm for Internet companies. Mr. Lauer also served as Director of Entertainment and Internet projects for Global Exchange, facilitating global commerce between Europe and the U.S., and as a consultant for a variety of companies in marketing, corporate imaging, global partnerships, and financing. Mr. Lauer holds a BA in English from the University of California at Los Angeles.

Steve Garcia
Vice President of Network Administration

Steve Garcia has many years in the computer science field. He spent 20 years with oilfield giant Schlumberger in a number of technical areas. During the course of his oilfield experience, he has worked as a Field Engineer, Petrophysicist, and as a Network Administrator. While with Schlumberger, Garcia administered mini as well as mainframe systems including early PDP-11 mini-computers, VAX and Unix systems. His final position was as IT Manager for Schlumberger's Oilfield Services Pacific Coast organization. He helped field test and introduce a number of hardware and software tools to the wireline field organization. Since joining webBASIS in 1999, Garcia has been instrumental in designing and implementing a world-class computer system infrastructure for webBASIS' family of Internet Data Centers. Garciais a member of the elite webBASIS Data Center Design-Deployment Team that has set a new standard for the design and implementation of Internet Data Centers worldwide.

Katherine V. Sarinas
Director of Marketing

Katherine Sarinas brings to the webBASIS team over 10 years of valuable experience in advertising and marketing. Her intense understanding of the creative process led to her most ambitious accomplishment as Managing Director of Inkworks, Inc., where she created and supervised the advertising and marketing requirements of various accounts. Her humble beginnings as a researcher and copywriter culminated in progressively expanding roles in the marketing management field with companies such as Everich International Trading, Synergy Advertising and Marketing, The G.A. Yupangco Group and her most recent position as Western Regional Account Manager for JobOptions.com. She has a BA in Political Science and an MA in Languages and Literature from De La Salle University.

Lori Howell
Director / Customer Service

Lori Howell brings to webBASIS more than 15 years experience in Customer Service management. Prior to joining webBASIS, she was Manager of User Services/Help Desk Operations for Occidental Services, Inc., providing IT customer support for over 30 U.S. locations. While at Oxy, Lori's endeavors included providing on-site assistance for IT startup operations in South America and Russia, implementing a Help Desk Call Center, participating on the management team to standardize desktops company-wide and coordinating the development of various PC training programs. She was also integral in establishing Occidental International Exploration and Production Company's first e-mail system, which enabled efficient worldwide communications. Ms. Howell holds a BS in Business Administration, with a concentration in Management Information Systems, from the California State University of Bakersfield.

Arthur Marquez
Director Technical Writing

Mr. Marquez has been building and coordinating business technical communications infrastructures for 12 years. Prior to coming to webBASIS, he worked in the technical communications group within the Xerox Corporation printing division. He gained his telecommunications and packet based communications experience at Fujitsu Business Communications Systems, a telephony PBX manufacturer where he implemented an online documentation production solution. Prior to Fujitsu he worked in the securities industry with De La Rue Printrak, a manufacturer of automatic fingerprint identification systems. He led the team documenting their international high security systems. Mr. Marquez holds a B.S. in Communications from Cal Poly Pomona.

Lotus Pait
Manager Programming Services / Webmaster

Lotus Pait brings 6 years of Web development experience to webBASIS. As Webmaster, Lotus oversees the Web Site and Web Development Departments. Lotus continually browses the Web for next generation products and ideas in an effort to maintain the vitality and freshness of the webBASIS site. Prior to webBASIS, Lotus worked for LiquidMusic.net as the Website Operations Manager. Lotus created the online presence for LiquidMusic.net and headed the team that created their e-commerce site. Lotus has extensive experience in radio communications and advertising production. While working for the Sphere Radio Group as Production Director, Lotus had the opportunity to be an On-Air personality. He was in charge of the daily programming of a radio station, created advertising campaigns for local businesses, and did On-Air shifts for KRAB FM, KSLY FM, KKXX FM, KLLY FM, and KHTY FM.